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Our delicious bakes are available from Waitrose stores nationally and other selected stores across the UK including Booths, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Coop, Nisa and Ocado. If you head over to our stockist finder, you can enter your postcode to find your nearest stockist.

All of our bread bags are fully recyclable and we encourage our customers to return them to supermarkets where they can be recycled along with carrier bags. We continue in our search for sustainable packaging which keeps sliced bread fresh and can be fully recyclable via home collections but at the moment we haven’t found anything which we believe is more sustainable and doesn’t need separating to be fully recyclable in home recycling collections.

In 2019, we removed palm oil from our entire range of bakes, it’s what our consumers asked for. It wasn’t easy to do but we tested our bread again and again with our customers to ensure it maintained the same great taste, texture, quality and freshness that our bread is renowned for, just without the need for palm. We’re so pleased to say we cracked it.

We don’t have any sourdough loaves in our range, however our white bloomer does contain sourdough flavourings. If you have any ideas for new products or want to see a particular bake added to our range, drop us a line at and we’ll chat with the team!

We recommend either of the below toasters:

  1. Kenwood True Toaster, TTP210, 1500W 4 Slice
  2. Breville VTT714, 4 Slice, Long Slot Toaster

If you have any tasty ideas for new products or want to see a particular bake added to our range, drop us a line at and we’ll chat with the team!

Great to hear! If your business is based in Yorkshire then please get in touch with Alpine Fine Foods who supply our bread to local Yorkshire businesses. If you’re based elsewhere, then please drop us a line and we’ll take a look for you.

Yes! All of our bread is suitable for freezing.

All our bloomers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, however our rolls do contain dairy so wouldn’t be vegan friendly.

Yes, all our bloomers and rolls are completely soya free.

All of our bloomers are dairy free, however our rolls do contain a small amount of dairy.

We don’t have a wholemeal loaf in our range. Our seeded white bloomer is a white multiseed loaf, jam-packed with poppy, pumpkin and linseeds, and our brown bloomer and super-seeded bloomer are multigrain loafs with malted wheat flakes (not a wholemeal).

We don’t currently bake any gluten free bread and don’t currently have any plans to in the near future.

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