Unicorn Toast

Unicorn Toast

To celebrate #NationalUnicornDay on 9th April, we thought we’d share our unicorn toast recipe using our brown bloomer.

Unicorn toast recipes use basic cream cheese and you can colour it however you like. For our recipe, we have used natural food colouring but you can also use colours from food.

For instance beet juice makes hot pink, turmeric root makes orange/yellow, spirulina powder creates a light blue shade and you can create purple from dried blueberry powder.


  • 2 x slices of Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion brown bread
  • 1 pack of softened cream cheese
  • Natural food colouring (red, green, blue or yellow)
  • Sprinkles or colourful topping of your choice


  • Toast your Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion bread
  • Cover the toast with plain white cream cheese as a base
  • In separate bowls, add drops of the food colouring to the cheese to create different colours
  • Add dollops of the coloured cream cheeses, and start swirling them around on the toast with a butter knife in a swooping motion to mimic waves
  • For the toppings, you can add coloured sprinkles, chopped up fruit, vegetables or even gold-leaf flakes

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